Convert Your Aga Cooker

eControl is by far the most attractive and most efficient system on the aga market right now, since its release in 2021 we have seen a huge rise in popularity in people deciding to convert their aga cooker to the eControl system and for very good reason.

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5 oven eControl in Ivory


eControl has quality electric elements below and above the cast iron ovens, this allows for even heat distribution, complete with aerospace grade insulation blanket that tightly wraps around the ovens keeping all the heat inside. eControl also boasts the fastest heat up times on the aga market along with extremely low running costs whilst still providing sufficient heat to your kitchen.

This kit went through rigorous testing before being released in 2021, and is now approved as uk conformity assessed. It comes with the manufacturer’s own 5 year guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

2 oven eControl in Pink

How does the eControl conversion work?

Firstly all the old vermiculite will be hoovered out of your aga with our industrial hoovers and all the old thermal blanket will be removed. The old cast iron conductions and convection ducts are then removed along with the ashpit, cast barrels and heavy cast hot plates. This is because the eControl uses elements that directly target the heat all on to your cast iron ovens. The old cast iron parts are then usually taken away for recycling but you are more than welcome to keep these parts.

Once all the old parts are removed we will then slightly modify your ovens to make way for the new eControl stats and for venting. The conversion will take place with the aga being in situ and normally takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete. The new elements will then be strategically placed around both ovens along with new hotplates both with integrated elements. Aerospace grade insulation blankets are then carefully wrapped around the ovens to help even further reduce energy bills and reduce heat loss.

4 oven classic style eControl in Wedgewood Blue

Benefits of the eControl system

5 years parts warranty for complete peace of mind

No servicing required

Very fast heat up times, from cold your hobs will reach full temperature in 10 minutes. Your ovens will reach temperature in just 40 minutes. If you wanted to make these heat up times even quicker, on eco mode the hobs take just 5 minutes to reach temperature, the ovens between 20 and 25 minutes.

Eco mode function allows you to drop the overall temperature of your ovens and hobs separately further saving on running costs.

Running costs slashed, saving a fortune on your energy bills.