Oil Fired Agas

This is the traditional fuel type for aga cookers first produced way back in 1959, Our oil agas produce tremendous heat to warm your kitchen and give you that classic aga style cooking that these cookers are known for.

Not as popular as they once was due to the inconsistent quality of oil causing more frequent breakdowns, some oil models requiring servicing every 4 months which can become quite costly. These models also require a flue and can only go where a chimney is present.


  • Not controllable
  • Slow heat up times (around 7 hours from cold)
  • Reliant on fossil fuels
  • Setup costs for fuel lines
  • Servicing every 4-6 months
  • Oil combustion smells
  • Poor quality of oil leading to more frequent breakdowns
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  • Good room heat to the kitchen
  • A true traditional aga
  • Always on model and ready to use
  • Isn’t completely reliant on electricity to function
  • Low prices for spare parts