eControl Agas

The new eControl system is quickly becoming the most popular aga model in the market, with its extremely low running costs, quality sleek design, exceptional flexibility and heat up times that are unmatched compared to any other aga model right now.

eControl settings

The eControl series x has 3 different settings; eco, normal and full ambient heat.

Eco mode- This is the most popular setting for people usually in the summertime. The top right hand oven will reach baking temperature with some heat transferring down to the bottom oven to achieve a gentle warmth.

Normal Mode- Roasting temperature in the top oven, simmering temperature in the bottom oven.

Full- At full the top oven again achieves roasting temperature, bottom oven will now be at baking temperature.

eControl heat up times

From cold your hobs will reach temperature in ten minutes, ovens will be just 40 minutes to reach full temperature from cold, if you were running your aga on eco mode, the hobs would take just 3-4 minutes to achieve temperature, the ovens between 20-25 minutes.

The build of your aga, the delivery and installation will all be carefully completed by us. we will not subcontract our work out to other engineers, we take great pride in our work and will look after your aga for life.

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Benefits of our new eControl system;

  • 5 years parts warranty for complete peace of mind
  • no servicing required
  • fast heat up times.From cold, your hobs will reach temperature in just 10 minutes and your ovens from cold will reach temperature in just 40 minutes.
  • Eco mode function which allows you to drop the overall temp of your ovens and hobs separately further saving on running costs. This will also allow you to get to cooking temp faster.
  • Running costs slashed. One of the main benefits of the eControl series x is the astonishingly low running costs compared to other traditional aga models.
  • A unique heating system, eControl series x uses uniquely designed heat cassettes that gently hug the cast iron ovens releasing heat into the correct areas as and when required.
  • aerospace grade insulation is used.

Why choose eControl?

With the ever ongoing energy crisis we have right now, we have seen a huge surge in demand for these exceptional models which really do give you the best of all worlds when it comes to using your aga cooker. It is ideal for the people that enjoy the easy flexibility, the exceptionally low running costs and the classy design that will stand out as a talking point in any kitchen. In the summer you can leave the eControl on `eco mode` or even leave it switched off, using it only when you want to.

As we all know our winters can get very, very cold and plummet in to freezing temperatures, that is why it is an absolute must that your aga can provide the necessary heat to your kitchen, using your eControl on full mode will provide this for you giving you a significant amount of heat ( about 85% of traditional models) and that heart of the home feel for which agas are best known for.

  • Your refurbished eControl aga from us will include the following
  • Newly enamelled front and doors in one of our 40 colours
  • Newly enamelled top plate complete with new hinges, towel rail brackets, towel rail, chrome lids and fixings.
  • New door liners with upgraded insulation
  • New side panels professionally colour matched to the front of your aga
  • New lid liners with upgraded insulation
  • Freshly shot blasted cast iron ovens
  • New oven tunnels
  • Your choice of 3 different aga badge designs
  • Peace of mind 5 year parts warranty and 1 year labour