13amp Electric Agas

The 13 amp aga offers everything that an oil or gas aga would but without the need for servicing every 4-6 months. This `always on` model provides brilliant heat to the kitchen and is a popular choice for those that enjoy the traditional aga. It is important though to be aware of the high running costs that these models bring compared to the newer more controllable models such as eControl.

Your refurbished 13 amp aga from us will include

  • Newly enamelled front and doors in one of our 40 colours
  • Newly enamelled top plate complete with new hinges, towel rail
  • brackets, towel rail, chrome lids, fixings and thermometer.
  • New door liners with upgraded insulation
  • New side panels professionally colour matched to the front of your aga
  • New lid liners with upgraded insulation
  • Freshly shot blasted cast iron ovens
  • New oven tunnels
  • Your choice of 3 different aga badge designs
  • Piece of mind 5 years parts warranty and 1 year labour

The build of your aga, the delivery and installation will all be completed professionally by us. We do not subcontract our work out to other engineers, great pride is taken in the agas we build and we will look after your aga for life.

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Our 13 amp aga cookers

  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Servicing needed only once every 5 years
  • very warm ambient room heat
  • designed to be always on and ready to cook
  • modern ceramic blanket insulation used for maximum efficiency